Martin Logan

Martin Logan

Floorstanding Speakers

MartinLogan Floor-Standing Speakers: Where Innovation Meets Aesthetics

Bookshelf Speakers

Compact Audio Powerhouses for Every Room that Fit on Shelves or Stands

Center Channel Speakers

Clear Sound from Compact Speakers That Fit on Shelves or Stands

On-Wall and Surround Speakers

Immersive Audio Solutions for every Space


Delivering Deep Impactful Bass for Movies Music

In-Ceiling Speakers

Designed for discreet placement within each space, these speakers offer unmatched sound quality and a sleek aesthetic that seamlessly complements every decor.

In-Wall Speakers

High-Quality Sound Without Giving Giving up Floor or Shelf Space

Outdoor Speakers

Rugged, all-weather materials, completely weather- and water-proof construction, and endless mounting and placement options make MartinLogan's Outdoor Living Audio System the best way to expand the reach of your high performance audio entertainment.