About Us

Founded in 2002, WAVE Electronics is headquartered in Houston, Texas and is the largest independent CI (Custom Integrator) distributor in the nation. WAVE Electronics services local and national dealers that span across multiple channels of business that include residential/commercial A/V, and security. WAVE Electronics is recognized as the "one-stop" solution with over 8000 stock items from 126 premium manufacturers. WAVE Electronics locations incorporate training facilities and lavishly merchandised showrooms for dealers to use as their own. WAVE Electronics also goes the extra mile by offering a broad variety of services to their custom integrators, which includes delivery, financial support, sales and product training, marketing services, 24/7 dealer online shopping, and much more.

Simply stated, WAVE Electronics is the #1 independent electronics distributor in the electronics industry!

It is our mission to build a strong long term business partnerships through unparalleled customer service, education, marketing, and quality products.


The CE Pro Quest for Quality highlights companies for their 'people-related' services solely based on dealer's opinions. WAVE Electronics has won over 18 of these awards spanning the spectrum from Platinum to Silver for our website, dealer programs, training programs, customer service, marketing assistance, and trade show presence. Thank you to all the dealers that have consistently chosen us as their preferred distribution partner.


WAVE Electronics is dedicated to strengthening the independent dealer base through focused trainings with its eleven in-house training facilities. WAVE Electronics conducts over 300 manufacture trainings annually and prides itself for keeping dealer on the cutting edge of new products and

Dealer Marketing Services

Our state of the art marketing department not only drives all aspects of our marketing efforts in-house, but also offers dealers everything from design to finish good solutions that make them larger than life. Have one of our design experts help build your brand with solutions ranging from items as simple as professional business cards to full design branding concepts.

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