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Bulk Wire

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Category Cable

Explore a huge catalog of Category Cables in a variety of types, lengths, and colors. Categories Cables are built to carry broadband internet with the most common network cables being Cat6, Cat6A, Cat5, and Cat5E.  

Shop In-Wall Architecural SpeakersShop In-Wall Architecural Speakers

Coaxial Cable

Shop Coaxial Cables that are ideal for residential and commercial antenna, cable television, and satellity installations. Expore Cat5E, RG11, RG59, and RG6 Cables in a variety of lengths, colors, and jackets. 

Shop speaker wireShop speaker wire

Speaker Wire

Ensure your installations provide a high quality audio atmosphere for your customers by choosing the ideal Speaker Wire for the job. We carry options to create a solid wiring system for indoor and outdoor installation. 

Shop alarm and security wireShop alarm and security wire

Fire Alarm & Security

Fire Alarm and Security Cables are dynamic when it comes to choosing installation location. Therefore, we offer a variety of FPL, FPLR, and FPLP Cables with shielded and unshielded options to accomidate each project. 

Shop Automation and Control WireShop Automation and Control Wire

Automation & Control

Browse Automation and Control such as Control Cables, Crestron Wires, Lighting Cables, and Thermostat Cables in a range of sizes, lengths, colors, and jackets. Choose from trusted vendors like Metra and SCP. 

Shop Fiber WireShop Fiber Wire


Explore Singemode and Multimode Fiber Options Cables to provide high-performance data communications regardless of distances. Shop top vendors like Metra, Savant, and SCP.

Shop Bundled WireShop Bundled Wire


Choose from an array of Bundled Wire options for residential, commercial, and institutional applications. We carry a variety of Bundled Wires types including CCTV, Fiber, Siamese, Category, and more.

Shop Tools and ConnectorsShop Tools and Connectors

Tools & Connectors

We offer a wide variety of Bulk Wire Tools and Connectors to choose from. Explore Cable Ties, Connectors, Hardware, Strain Relief and other tools and accessories designed to simplify and enhance your installations.