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Shop Lighting Dimmers & SwitchesShop Lighting Dimmers & Switches

Dimmers & Switches

Shop a wide variety of Dimmers and Switches from popular collections including Caseta, HomeWorks, Maestro, RadioRA 2 and 3, plus many others. Filter by type, color, and collection to find the perfect match. 

Shop In-Wall Lighting Repeaters & System PackagesShop In-Wall Lighting Repeaters & System Packages

Repeaters & System Packages

Ensure everything is seamlessly connected and controllable via the touch of a button by offering Repeaters and System Packages. Shop featured Lutron collections like RadioRA2, RadioRA3, and Casesta. 

Shop Lighting SensorsShop Lighting Sensors


Allow your customers to easily control multiple lights according to occupancy, existing ambient light levels, and time of day by utilizing sensors for convenience and optimal energy efficiency. 

Shop Lighting Keypads & RemotesShop Lighting Keypads & Remotes

Keypads & Remotes

Explore top-of-the-line Lighting Keypads and Remotes from trusted vendors including Lutron, OnQ, and Savant. Provide homeowners with a simple and elegent way to operate lights, drapes, motorized screens, and more.

Shop Lighting Faceplates & AccessoriesShop Lighting Faceplates & Accessories

Faceplates & Accessories

Browse timeless Wallplates, Faceplates, and Lighting Accessories designed to blend in or stand out. Shop from a huge range of color options guaranteeing you'll find the perfect match for the job. 

Shop Wireless & General LightingShop Wireless & General Lighting

Wireless & General Lighting

Choose from a selection of Wireless and General Lighting options such as Floodlights, Lightbulbs, Motion Lighting, Outdoor Lights, and Security Sensors. Shop Datacomm, Jasco, Ring, and other top brands.

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