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22/2 Solid Alarm Cable 500' Coil Pack - Beige


SCP 22/2 Solid Security Alarm Cable

SCPs Security Wire Coil Packs are very popular with installers because they are easier to work with than boxes or reels. These security wire coil packs come in 22 AWG with either 2 or 4 stranded bare copper conductors in 500 or 1000 ft lengths. SCP Security Wire Coil Packs are tangle-proof, take up less space, and because there is no box or spool, there is less waste and clean-up after the job.

Installation of our Security Wire Coil Packs saves time when pulling multiple wires. Because the wire pulls through the middle of the coil pack, installers can stack the coil packs and pull multiple wires in parallel for faster installation. SCP Security Wire Coil Packs with stranded conductor are available in 10 different PVC jacket colors. Our security wire coil packs are great for security, alarm, and control installations. All of our security wire coil packs are UL and Riser Rated.


  • 22/2 Alarm Cable
  • Solid
  • PVC Jacket
  • 500' Coil Pack
  • Beige


Manuals & Technical Documents

SpecificationStructured Cable Products-22/2SOL-COIL-BE-Spec Sheet.pdf