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Controller Frame - White
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AC Infinity AI-CFW2 Controller Frame – White is a 5.20 by 3.11 inch wall-mount frame in white designed to replace the black wall-mount frames that come standard with AC Infinity intelligent thermal fan controllers. Compatible models include all the controllers come with the AIRPLATE T-series, and individually sold Controller 2 and 8. The original frame can be removed by using a Phillips head screwdriver to unfasten the top and bottom two screws. Simply place the new frame back onto the controller and secure it using the controller mounting screws that's included in the kit. Features a CNC-machined aluminum frame and four flat-head screws, all painted matte white. Information on the additional included hardware can be found below.


  • A white wall-mount frame designed to replace the black wall-mount frames of AC Infinity Controllers.
  • Compatible with controllers included in AIRPLATE T-Series, and also individually sold Controllers 2 and 8.
  • Simply unscrew the top and bottom screws of the controller to remove the original frame, and fasten on the new frame.
  • Features a CNC-machined aluminum frame and flat screw heads; all painted matte white.
  • Kit also includes (4) wood screws, (4) machine screws with nuts, and (4) controller mounting screws.


Product Identification
  • Manufacturer: AC Infinity Inc.
  • Product Name: White Controller Frame
  • Product Model: AI-CFW2
Product and Mounting Dimensions
  • Total Dimensions: 5.20 x 3.11 x 0.08 in. (13.2 x 7.9 x 0.2 cm)
  • Required Mounting Hole: 3.42 x 2.28 in (8.7 x 5.8 cm)
  • Hole to Hole Distance: 4.71 x 2.64 in. (12.0 x 6.7 cm)
  • Screw Hole Size: Ø 0.119 in (Ø 0.3 cm)
Product Performance and Technical Specs
  • Number of Mountable Controllers: 1
  • Frame Type: Wall Mount
  • Mountable Models: CONTROLLER 2 and 8


Manuals & Technical Documents

SpecificationAC Infinity-AI-CFW2-Spec Sheet.pdf
Technical DrawingsAC Infinity-AI-CFW2-Technical Drawing