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Tamper Resistant 20A Receptacles and Plug for Dimming - Snow
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Tamper resistant receptacles, unlike traditional receptacles, offer the added protection of a permanently installed, spring-loaded slider mechanism capable of resisting insertion of single pronged elements (such as keys, hairpins, or nails) while still allowing access to electrical plugs. Lutron Tamper Resistant Receptacles are compliant with article 406.11 of the 2008 National Electric Code (NEC). The NEC prohibits the dimming of standard receptacles. The dimmable outlets of the Dual Dimming Tamper Resistant (DDTR) and Half Dimming Tamper Resistant (HDTR) are specifically designed to mechanicaly reject all NEMA standard plugs and thus can not be used for any other device (fan, heater, vacuum, radio, etc.). These receptacles will only accept the special mating Lutron replacement plug for dimming use (RP-FDU). The result is an NEC compliant way to control a portable lamp with a dimmer


Sub Brand: Designer Application: Lighting Control Type: Receptacle for half-dimming use Color: Snow Mounting: Wallbox Voltage Rating: 125 V Wattage: 2500 W Actuator: Connection: Screw terminal Gang: Frequency Rating: Standard: UL, CSA, NOM Operating Temperature: Special Features: Top half for dimming. Projecting nub prevents standard plug from being used. Requires replacement plug for dimming table and floor lamps. Bottom half is a general use receptacle and will fit standard duplex plugs. Tamper resistant shutter mechanism.


Manuals & Technical Documents

SpecificationLutron-SCR-20-HDTR-SW-Spec Sheet.pdf
Installation GuidesLutron-CAR-15-WH-Spec Sheet.pdf