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850VA Shelf Mount UPS
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During power disruptions the MB850 Battery Backup provides constant power to your equipment.

During power disruptions the MB850 Battery Backup provides constant power to equipment, such as:

Lamp Based Display

Prevent expensive lamp burnout in lamp based displays (cooling fan can continue to properly cool down lamp).


Avoid loss of DVR recorded TV programming.


Prevent loss of unsaved games during the saving/loading process.

HT System

Avoid the time and hassle rebooting your home theater system


  • 5 Battery Powered and Surge Protected Outlets
    • Provides continuous battery backup when power is interrupted.
  • 4 Fulltime Surge Protected Outlets
    • Provides complete surge protection for equipment not requiring battery backup.
  • USB/Serial Port To PC
    • Allows home theater PC to communicate with UPS through USB or serial port.
  • 1 Pair, In/Out Coax / Cable Sat Surge Protection
  • Wiring Fault Indicator Light
    • LED illuminates when wiring problems exist.
  • Ethernet Protection Ports
    • Phone / Modem / DSL / Ethernet protection (Combination Ethernet or phone line protection).
  • Resettable Circuit Breaker
    • Provides overload protection.
  • Auto-Shutdown Software
    • Panamax offers surge protection plus battery backup. The MB850 will safely shut down your home theater PC.
  • LCD Display Provides:
    • Input Voltage Level
    • Output Voltage Level
    • AVR Status Meter
    • Battery Capacity
    • Estimated Runtime
    • Load Level
    • Output Power Frequency interrupted
  • Icon Indicators Includes:
    • On Battery Mode
    • Overload Condition
    • Fault Condition
  • AVR
    • Automatic Voltage Regulation stabilizes input voltage to an appropriate level for optimal equipment performance by completely eliminating brownouts and overvoltages.