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GC2 & GC3 Desktop Kit


he 2GIG TS1-DESK is a desktop mount for the TS1 wireless touchscreen keypad. There are 4 grips on the bottom side of the mount which offers it better friction to stay steady during button presses. You can choose between a high and low setting on the angled mount. The high mount is closer to 90 degrees or perpendicular to the table. The low mount setup offers an angle closer to 45 degrees.

Desktop mounts are a great way to keep your system mobile and flexible. This can be advantageous particularly during the installation and configuration of the alarm system. Even after the system is fully operational it is nice to have a point of control for your security system that can move around to different coffee tables, night stands, etc. Placing a TS1 on your night stand offers unmatched proximity for end users to be notified of a break-in while asleep at night. The great thing about desk mounts is they are not permanent. You can move them around at will without any damage to your drywall or paint!


  • Allows keypad to sit at two different viewing angles
  • Sleek form factor
  • Bumper pads to protect furniture and prevent sliding
  • Works with any TS1 keypad