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N 7" TouchScreen Alarm Keypad with Prox Support - White


The DSC HS2TCHP is a beautiful touch screen keypad for the new DSC Neo security systems. The HS2TCHP makes operating your DSC Neo alarm system a breeze. With its intuitive color icons and simple menus; the HS2TCHP will help you get the most of of the Neo alarm. The icons are large enough to be seen and you can customize the home screen so that you can put your most important functions there to be ready at a moments notice. There are four buttons on the main screen which can be customized.

You can also change the background image of the keypad display and choose what color the text is in. Also you can change the door chimes for doors so that you may tell what entrances people are coming in from. Also, if you have an additional power supply, you can set the HS2TCHP into Extra Power mode so that it makes the display brighter. This keypad also has the ability to be upgraded to new firmware using the HS2TCHPs SD card slot. Just download the new firmware on to the SD card and then insert it in to the keypad SD card slot and choose the upgrade option from the keypad menu.

The technology from DSC just keeps getting better as they fine-tine their process and we dont see peripherals like the HS2TCHP being the last of new technology coming from DSC. Check out the other add-ons for the DSC Neo in our DSC PowerSeries Neo section of the website.


Manuals & Technical Documents

SpecificationDSC Security-HS2TCHP N-Spec Sheet.pdf