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Aeotec Z-Wave Range Extender 7


Aeotec Range Extender 7 fixes wireless weaknesses. Install it in the appropriate spot, sync it with your gateway, and Range Extender 7 will start optimally relaying and amplifying Z-Wave. Dead spots be dead.

Empowered by Aeotec's exclusive Gen7 technology, but not limited by it, Range Extender 7 is compatible with all new and old generations of Z-Wave technology.

Through its universal compatibility, Range Extender 7 is able to repeat and amplify Z-Wave signals from as Z-Wave devices as old as those using 100 series antennas and S0 security, all the way up to newer devices which use either 500 or 700 series and S2 security.

Engineered and custom-crafted for one task, and one task alone, 100% of Range Extender 7’s 2.2 inch fascia is completely focused on capturing, amplifying, and repeating weak and lagging Z-Wave signals.

Designed to be as compact as possible without ever compromising on wireless performance, Range Extender 7 is sized so that it doesn’t block neighbouring power outlets. It's fronter most face measures only 46x46mm / 1.8x1.8in.


  • Range Extender 7
  • Captures, amplifies, and repeats Z-Wave signals
  • Compatible with all new and old generations of Z-Wave technology
  • 1.8"" x 1.8""