Lutron RRD-HN5BRL-MN RadioRA 2 Hybrid 5-Button with Raise/Lower Keypad - Midnight

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Lutron RRD-HN5BRL-XX 5-Button with Raise/Lower Keypad Neutral Wire Dimmer

RadioRA 2 C•L Hybrid Keypads function as a dimmer and keypad combined into a single device. C•L Hybrid Keypads are great for retro-fit applications since they eliminate the need to install two separate devices.

C•L Hybrid Keypads are neutral-wire controls that can be used with small loads, such as screw-in CFL/LED lamps. Normal keypad operation will be available even if the attached load is not installed or the lamp is burned out.

C•L Hybrid Keypads can be controlled as part of a lighting control system and incorporate advanced features such as fade on/fade off and rapid full on.


  • Keypad buttons are programmable to select scene or room preset levels or positions.
  • At the press of a keypad button, lights fade ON or OFF to desired levels and shades/ draperies open or close to desired positions.
  • Adjustable backlight intensity.
  • Prepaid engraving included. Redeemable for one engraved Replacement Button Kit.
  • Internal dimmer is assigned to top button by default. Tap top button to toggle
    load ON/OFF.
  • Internal dimmer can be assigned to any button on the C•L Hybrid Keypad and can be programmed to be controlled by any keypad.
  • Designed for use with a wide variety of approved LEDs. Refer to the LED Product Selection Tool at
  • Can be installed in either single location or multiple-location (with Remote Dimmer) installations.


Manuals & Technical Documents

Specification Lutron-RRD-HN5BRL-MN-Spec Sheet.pdf
Installation Guides Lutron-RRD-W5BRL-SW-Installation Guide.pdf