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28170 Z-Wave Plus Plug-in Wireless Smart Dimmer
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Easily enable Z-Wave control for a plug-in lamp without sacrificing a power outlet by using the Jasco Z-Wave Plus Plug-In Smart Dimmer Module, Dual Outlet (Gen5). This plug-in module has one Z-Wave controlled outlet that allows you to turn on/off and dim the plugged-in light through your Z-Wave controller, plus a traditional "always on" pass-through AC outlet that allows you to power another plug-in device. You can also control the Z-Wave controlled lamp with its traditional switch or using the button on the module.


  • Polarized outlet – A polarized outlet is controlled remotely for enhanced home automation and matches the plug on most desk, table and floor lamps.
  • Always-on outlet – A grounded outlet offers continuous power for enhanced plug-in options.
  • Full-range dimmability – The dimmer adjusts brightness levels from 0-100 percent, which reduces energy costs and improves bulb life.
  • Space-saving design – A sleek design with side-access outlet allows the dimmer to fit easily behind furniture while only occupying the top receptacle. It is also ideal for creating the perfect ambiance or providing ample task lighting.
  • LED, CFL, incandescent and halogen – To retain the full benefit of LED, CFL, incandescent and halogen lights, the smart dimmer supports all types of dimmable light sources.
  • Range extender – The dimmer repeats your Z-Wave signal from your hub or other Z-Wave device to extend your range by up to 150ft. Extended signal range increases your home automation coverage to enhance your control.
  • Universal compatibility – Z-Wave Plus and all previous Z-Wave generations work together to allow continued expansion of your home-automation network.
  • Zwave Hub required
  • Indoor
  • 120 Volts (AC)
  • Metal
  • 1 outlet can be controlled with Zwave and 1 outlet is a pass through outlet
  • Smart Device
  • Wireless (plug-in)


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