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XP RTiPanel Unlimited Paper License for XP Processors


Fully customizable using RTI’s Integration Designer programming software, the RTiPanel offers the same intuitive control experience RTI remote controls offer, running on an Apple or Android smart phone or tablet device as well as on a Microsoft Windows PC. Providing secure local or remote access to an RTI control processor from any Internet connection, the RTiPanel allows for control via LAN, WiFi and WAN control off site. When used with an XP series control processor, users can view and adjust thermostats, monitor security systems and turn off lights, in addition to controlling their A/V electronics, from the office, on vacation, or virtually anywhere in between. The RTiPanel app is also available for local, one-way control using the RP-4 control processor.


  • Control and receive feedback from audio, video, lighting, security,
  • climate, and more!
  • RTiPanel app available through Apple App Store, Google Play and
  • the Amazon App Store
  • Fully integrate Apple iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, Android™
  • devices and MS Windows PCs into new or existing RTI control systems
  • utilizing an XP series and RP-4 control processors.
  • Completely customizable graphical interface.
  • Programmed using same Integration Designer software that is used
  • for all RTI products.
  • Supports creation of both portrait and landscape views with minimal
  • extra programming required.
  • RTiPanel supports full two-way feedback, including cover art,
  • graphics, text, dynamic scrolling lists, and more!
  • Supports local connection via WiFi, and off-site access via WiFi
  • or cellular data (if available), with automatic switching.
  • Highly optimized for fast connection times.
  • Control system programming stored on Apple/Android/Windows
  • devices and updates automatically when changes are made.