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Prolink.R ProPanel 1-User Paper Apple License
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ProPanel gives you the same intuitive control experience that native Pro Control remote controls do – only running on your iPhone or iPad instead.

A ProPanel license is required for each processor using an Apple® iOS device and will need to be purchased and activated by an authorized Pro Control Dealer. See your Pro Control dealer for additional details.


  • Use your Apple iPad® or iPhone®, and iPod Touch® to control Audio/Video, Lights, Climate and other electronic systems.
  • Compatible with the ProLink.r and ProLink.z control processor.
  • Highly customizable user-interface.
  • Auto-Programming features allows a complete, fully functioning system to be created in a matter of minutes.
  • Programmed using the same Pro Control Studio software used for all Pro Control products.
  • Use in conjunction the Pro Control handheld remotes or as the primary control.
  • Supports both portrait and landscape views with no extra programming required.
  • ProPanel supports full two-way feedback, including cover art, graphics, text, dynamic scrolling lists, and more.
  • Accesses the ProControl system locally via Wi-Fi®, and off-site via Wi-Fi® or 3G/4G with automatic switching.
  • Highly optimized for fast connection times.
  • Control system programming is stored on the mobile device and updates automatically when changes are made.