High-Impact In-Ceiling Subwoofer
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The passive JBL Professional Control 40CS/T is a high impact direct radiating passive 8" subwoofer with a built-in passive crossover network. The Control 40CS/T can be used as part of a subwoofer-satellite system and when combined with the Control 42 the Control 40CS/T offers an extremely natural sounding and powerful subwoofer-satellite system that is well suited for applications requiring wide bandwidth and superior sonic performance with minimal visual impact.

The subwoofer requires a 200W amplifier to power the 8" woofer which provides a frequency response of 50 to 180 Hz at a peak SPL of 115 dB. The system can also be used via an active crossover design with the rest of the Control Contractor in-ceiling line for superior bass response and can be operated off a 70V / 100V distributed line or in direct mode. The Control 40CS/T includes a variety of accessories for installation.


  • Extende d bass response with maximum impact
  • Passive crossover network for easy to install subwoofer-satellite systems
  • Switchable 70/100V or Low-Z
  • Elegant design fits any decor