Two-Way 6.5" Co-Axial Ceiling Loudspeaker
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Styled in black this pair of JBL Control 16C/T Speakers are designed to suit a variety of spaces such as cafes places of business airport lounges reception areas court rooms and more. They feature a 2-way coaxial design giving you a 6.5" cone driver and a 0.75" soft-dome liquid-cooled tweeter. With their coaxial construction these speakers deliver a more consistent sound off-axis which is a benefit for environments in which indirect listening takes place.

The drivers themselves are designed using a high-temperature anodized aluminum voice coil former and high-temperature voice coil to ensure a reliable performance throughout years of continuous use. Butyl rubber encloses the drivers offering further durability as well as sonic damping. The cone itself is resistant to both water and humidity. Thanks to a FEA-optimized motor construction the Control 16C/T achieves a smooth frequency response.

Installation is made possible via the removable locking connector within which youll find screw terminals for wire termination as well as loop-thru points for furthering signal to more speakers. Dual conduit clamps employed to provide strain relief to both the input and loop-output cables. You can use the speaker to handle 8-Ohm loads or as part of a 70V / 100V distributed loudspeaker system with a 30W multi-tap transformer.

These speakers ship with two tile rail supports as well as a C-ring support backing plate cutout template paint shield and grille. On the top of the speaker youll find a safety seismic attachment ring.


  • 100W continuous program power rating
  • Components: 6.5" / 165.1mm high-output driver with polypropylene cone and butyl rubber surround and 0.75" / 19mm soft-dome liquid-cooled tweeter
  • Blind-mount backcan for quick and easy install
  • Dual conduit cable clamps
  • Combined 70V/100V and low impedance direct operation
  • 62 Hz to 20 kHz bandwidth with 110 degree conical coverage
  • High 91 dB sensitivity
  • Suitable for use in air handling spaces and as signaling speakers