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RG6/Uq 3Ghz 500' Box Black


RG6/U CATV COAX 3.0 GHz 18 AWG BC 60% AL BRAID, UL CM, EN50575:2014 Eca, PVC JKT- BLACK- 500 FT/152M BOX

Product Information

SCP offers a full line of RG6/U BC Coaxial cables. Our RG6/U Dual Shield BC Coax cables are ideal for residential and commercial antenna, cable television and satellite installations.

SCP RG6/U BC Coax cables have an 18 AWG solid bare copper center conductor surrounded by a foam polyethylene dielectric. A bonded aluminum foil and 60% aluminum braid provide 100% shield coverage.

SCP RG6/U BC Coax cables are swept tested to 3 GHz to ensure performance at applicable frequencies. Each RG6/U Coax cable also has SCPs industry favored Cable Labeling System with sequential foot markings and room/zone/outlet designations.

The SCP RG6/U BC Coax cables are also available with a Messenger (RG6/U-BC-MES) and in a Siamese (bonded side by side) configuration (such as our RG6/U-S-BC) and in a Siamese with Messenger configuration (RG6/U-S-BC-MES).

These Coax cables are available in several different packaging options with a Black or White PVC jacket.