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AC INFINITY Aluminum Foil Ducting Tape 70-Yard
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AC Infinity AC-ATD7 AC INFINITY Aluminum Foil Ducting Tape 70-Yard is an adhesive tape designed to seal gaps in ducting to prevent moisture from leaking in and emissions from seeping out. It uses professional grade aluminum that resists most conditions including extreme temperatures, humidity, chemicals and UV degradation. The aluminum makes up the malleable foil which can stick to flat or irregular surfaces. A strong, long-lasting epoxy resin adhesive lines the duct foil tape and can bond to areas like metal, plastic, ceramic, and concrete. The paper backing makes the duct tape easy to peel and apply.
The heavy-duty aluminum foil and strong epoxy resin adhesive ensures an airtight seal on any ducting gap. It is primarily used for patching and sealing purposes as well as holding attachments together. The aluminum foil tape can repair many ducting applications including dryer vents, water heaters, HVAC air ducts, and grow tents.


  • Versatile adhesive tool designed for many applications like dryer vents and water heaters.
  • Industrial-grade aluminum that resists humidity, UV degradation, chemicals, and extreme cold and heat.
  • Features malleable foil that easily adheres to most surfaces including irregular joints and corners.
  • Uses epoxy resin adhesive to seal gaps in ducting and prevent moisture and emissions from seeping in or out.
  • Length: 70 yards | Adhesive Type: Epoxy Resin | Temperature Range: -20°F - 300°F (-30°C - 150°C)



Product and Mounting Dimensions

  • Duct Tape Length: 75 yd. (68.5 m)
  • Duct Tape Width: 2.20 in. (5.5 cm)
Product Performance and Technical Specs
  • Tape Material:  Aluminum Foil
  • Adhesive Material: Acrylic
  • Color: Metallic Silver
  • Finish: Reflective
  • Temperature Range:  -20°F - 300°F (-30°C - 150°C)


Manuals & Technical Documents

SpecificationAC Infinity-AC-ATD7-Spec Sheet.pdf