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2 Outlet Direct Plug-In Surge Protector w/ Coax


AC & Coaxial Protection for CATV Satellite or Antenna Connections.

Exclusive Protect or Disconnect Circuitry

Safeguards equipment against all surges. In the event of a catastrophic surge such as lightning it completely disconnects AC power to connected equipment.

Noise Filtration Circuit

EMI/RFI Filtration Circuitry for Clean Unimpeded Power.

Coaxial Protection

One Pair of Universal CATV/SAT/ANT connectors. Protects equipment from electrical surges that travel over low voltage LAN/Tel lines.

$100 000 Limited Connected Equipment Protection Warranty

Panamax will protect your equipment or we will repair or replace up to $100 000!

Lifetime Product Warranty

The surge protector shall be free of any defects in design materials or workmanship and Panamax will repair or replace any defective unit.


  • EMI/RFI Filtration Circuitry for Clean Unimpeded Power.
  • Protect-or-Disconnect Circuitry
  • Universal CATV/SAT/ANT Connectors.
  • Removable paintable cover ensures seamless fit with any decor.
  • Two Diagnostic Lights (LED) Power On/Protection OK and Line Fault.
  • Thin Profile - Only 1.5" inches deep.
  • Convenient display feature; turn cover around to hide diagnostic lights.