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Replacement Power Supply


The 2GIG Go!Control alarm system comes with the AC1transformer. The unit has screw terminals for an installer to land a custom length of 2-wire cabling (ideally -18 gauge, 2 conductor aka 18/2 ). The cabling is not included with the panel. The AC1 is a power transformer so the two prong input simply plugs into a standard power outlet (120 VAC @ 60 Hz) and outputs low voltage DC current (14 VDC @ 1700 mA) on the screw terminals on the bottom of the unit. You will need to strip both ends of the cable (purchased separately) and land the raw copper on the terminals of the transformer and the panel.

There is polarity on this power connection. Please be sure to land the red wire on the positive ( +) and the black on the negative (-) on both ends. The transformer terminals are marked for polarity. Land the positive connection on terminal 1 and the negative on terminal 2 on the Go!Control panel. After the connections are made be sure to confirm there are no shorts across the terminals before powering up.

In order to power cycle the alarm panel we recommend you remove the transformer from the wall outlet, instead of raw leads from the panel. This avoids any possibility of shorting the live connection on the board and damaging the system.

For DIYers, 2GIG also offers the AC2-PLUG power supply which has the same input (120 VAC @ 60 Hz) and output (14 VDC @ 1700 mA) except it comes with a 10 foot cable with a prefabricated male DC (barrel) connector on the end. There is a power port inside the panel for easy power cycling. You can purchase the AC2 stand alone or in the 2GIG CP21-345AC2 - Go!Control with AC Power Supply kit!


  • Model: SW-140170A
  • Input: 100-240V-50/60Hz, 0.68A Max
  • Output: 14.0V - 1700mA
  • Efficiency Level: IV