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VISTA Control Panel for SIA
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The Honeywell VISTA-15PSIA alarm control panel is a special version of the VISTA-15P alarm control panel. The VISTA-15PSIA is compliant with the Security Industry Association (SIA) CP-01 standards which were established to reduce the potential for false alarms. Any city or state that has adopted SIA CP-01 standards will approve an installation of a VISTA-15PSIA. Even if your local jurisdiction does not require a CP-01 compliant alarm control panel, we still recommend choosing a SIA alarm control panel for your security system. With a SIA alarm control panel, you are much less likely to experience issues with false alarms. False alarms at the very least are a nuisance and at the worst can be very expensive. Police departments spend an inordinate amount of time responding to false alarms and they know that most false alarms are caused by user error. Therefore, many police departments (or their applicable cities) have begun to charge false alarm fines. It varies by jurisdiction, but normally the first few false alarms will be free and then there is an escalating fine structure with each new false alarm costing more and more. While false alarm fines can be expensive, the good news is that the VISTA-15PSIA alarm control panel is the same cost as a regular VISTA-15P. Therefore, it doesn’t cost you any extra to protect yourself from false alarms and their subsequent fines.



  • Aux. power 12VDC, 600mA maximum
  • Seven hour standby at 400mA aux. load with four amp hour battery
  • 16.5VAC/25VA transformer
  • Alarm output 12VDC, 2.0 amps maximum
  • For UL installations, combined aux. and alarm output cannot exceed 700mA

Output Control

  • Supports a maximum of eight output devices (combination of relays and/or X-10) plus two onboard triggers


  • Six hardwired zones
  • Selectable response: 10msec, 350msec, 750msec
  • 16 selectable zone types plus two configurable zone types
  • Programmable swinger suppression

Expansion Devices

  • 4219 - Eight hardwired zones - 16mA
  • 4204 - Up to four relays - 15mA standby (each active relay draws an additional 40mA)
  • 4229 - Eight hardwired zones and two relays - 36mA (each active relay draws an additional 40mA)


  • 4286 VIP Voice Module - 220mA
  • 5881ENL RF supports up to eight zones - 60mA
  • 5881ENM supports up to 16 zones - 50mA
  • 5881ENH supports up to 26 zones - 50mA
  • 5883 Transceiver supports up to 26 zones - 80mA
  • Supports Eagle 1225 and 1221 boards


  • 6160 Custom Alpha (required for programming) - 100mA
  • 6160V Custom Alpha Voice - 100mA
  • 6150 Fixed English LCD - 85mA/40mA
  • 6150V Fixed English Voice LCD - 85mA/40mA
  • 6150RF Fixed English RF LCD - 85mA/40mA
  • 6148 Fixed English LCD - 70mA/30mA
  • 6270 touch center Graphic touchscreen
  • 8132 symphony Advanced User Interface

Agency Listings

  • UL Residential Fire, Burglary and CSFM

Smoke Detectors

  • Supports up to 16 two-wire smoke detectors
  • Supports four-wire smoke detectors


  • Touchtone or pulse
  • Formats supported
    • ADEMCO Contact ID
    • ADEMCO 4 + 2 Express
    • ADEMCO low speed
    • Sescoa/Radionics
  • 3 + 1, 4 + 1 and 4 + 2 reporting
  • Reporting capabilities
    • Split
    • Dual
    • Split/Dual - True dial tone detection
  • Low battery reports 11.2 - 11.6VDC
  • AC loss and restoral reporting supported


Manuals & Technical Documents

ManualsResideo Security-VISTA-15PSIA-Manual.pdf