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RadioRA 2 5-Button with Raise/Lower Keypad - Biscuit


Lutron RRD-W5BRL-XX Designer 5 Button with Raise/Lower Keypad

RadioRA 2 wall-mount designer keypads provide homeowners with a simple and elegant way to operate lights, shades /draperies, motorized screens, and many other devices.

RadioRA 2 keypads feature large, easy-to-use buttons, plus a unique backlit engraving option that makes the keypads readable any time of the day or night. The keypad buttons are rounded, allowing engraving to be displayed at an upward angle, increasing readability.


  • At the press of a single button, lights fade ON or OFF to desired levels and shades/draperies open or close to desired positions.
  • Light levels and shade/drapery positions can be fine-tuned by pressing and holding the raise/lower buttons.
  • Programmable to select scene or room preset levels or positions.
  • Adjustable backlight intensity.
    • IR receivers at the front and back of the keypad allow for the
  • Use an IR remote to select the same programmed rooms, scenes, and raise/lower buttons as the keypad (-W5BRLIR only).
  • Configurable Raise/Lower selection using programming software.
    • Last button pressed (default) - devices controlled by the last button pressed will raise/lower.
    • Double-tap - devices controlled by a double-tapped button will raise/lower.
    • Programmed devices - only the devices programmed to the button will raise/lower.
  • Prepaid engraving included. Redeemable for one engraved Replacement Kit.


Manuals & Technical Documents

SpecificationLutron-RRD-W5BRL-SW-Spec Sheet.pdf
Installation GuidesLutron-RRD-W5BRL-SW-Installation Guide.pdf